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Kansas City DX Club Hospitality Suite
CW Pileup Competition - 2010
The Wrap-up

The KC DX Club Hospitality Suite and 30th Annual CW Pileup Competition was a BIG SUCCESS! Check out the 2010 Results Here.

The 30th annual Kansas City DX Club CW Pileup Competition and Hospitality Suite hosted hundreds of contesters and DXers from all over world. The CW Pileup Competition began at 8:00 p.m. Saturday evening, and continued non-stop until almost 1:00 a.m. Sunday morning.

99 brave souls sat down at laptops (provided by Dragan, K0AP/Z32XX) and donned headphones, and were treated to another great CW Pileup. After lessons from Tom, N0SS, who created the software which produces the pileup file (and who has authored the challenging files for many years), this year's file was created by Russ, K0VXU, from calls taken from the early logs of one of our beloved KC DX Club members, Johnny Marshall, who became a silent key recently at age 96. Only a few calls were easily recognizable, since the logs covered the years 1932-38!

Russ, K0VXU, ran the tests all evening, without coming out of the testing room for air or drink. And, since scores were automatically and instantly generated after each group finished its test, Bill, K0VBU, under the watchful eyes of the hopeful, was able to keep posting scores promptly all evening on the 'big board' in the hospitality suite's main room. Mike, AB0X, managed the 'pileup' at the door to the testing suite, keeping things as orderly as could be expected - given that his 'pileup' consisted of some of the world's most competitive contesters, most of whom had been consuming at least a little of their favorite beverages!

Rick, N0RB, Jim AC0KN, Dragan, K0AP/Z32XX, Jim, AA0MZ, Tom, N0AG, Jeff, AC0C, and Rob, K0RU, Steve K0OU, and several other Kansas City DX Club members hosted the multitude (probably more than 500 visitors during the evening), serving up beverages and good conversation until the wee hours. The sign-in sheet was full!

As soon as the last group finished its test, winners were announced. Fred, K1VR, winning for his first time, walked away with top honors and a new Icom IC7000! John, K4BAI, earned a QSK Master from Array Solutions for his 2nd place finish, and Doug, W9WI, one of the regular top guns, took home a beautiful hand-crafted Begali 'Simplex Palladium' paddle as 3rd prize. Other fine prizes were presented to other top finishers, including the new Heil Elite Pro 6 headset, a complete 80 meter dipole kit from Associated Radio in Overland Park, KS, two $50 gift certificates from the ARRL, and subscriptions to CQ Magazine and subscriptions from N4AA, of DX Publishing fame, to the DX Bulletin and the DX Magazine.

Thanks to all the participants, visitors and all the club members who helped make this world-class event another success! It was a great evening, and we are already making plans for an even greater time next year, as we get into our 3rd decade of the Kansas City DX Club at the Dayton Hamvention!