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KCDX Club Presentations and Introduction
Date Presenter Title
24-Oct-11 Bill, K0VBU
Dave, W7FB
Contesting program
Power Transfer in Transmission Lines
30-Jan-12 John, KC0DEB Clublog
26-Mar-12 Rob, K0RU Last Big Field Day and Pacific Palisades ARC
1971 Field Day Videos
30-Jul-12 Rob, K0RU Digital online QST
27-Aug-12 Bill K0VBU
Russ, K0VXU 
hamshack pictures
pileup contest demo
24-Sep-12 Round robin discussion
Russ, K0VXU

CW pileup demonstration
29-Oct-12 Jim.K0NK ARRL HQ visit
26-Nov-12 Gary,W0MNA
Larry, DU/N0QM
Summit On The Air event in Arkansas
Portable 2 element Yagi antenna
30-Apr-12 Russ, K0VXU Dxpedition sponsorship committee report
28-Jan-13 Rob, K0RU 4 square antenna
4-Mar-13 John, KD0QWM
Rob, K0RU
Freeze your keys
Elecraft KX3 transceiver
25-Mar-13 Dragan, K0AP Islands on the air
29-Apr-13 Rob, K0RU
Dave, W7FB
Gorilla amplifier restoration
QRP Tips and techniques
3-Jun-13 Jim, AC0KN Art and Science of Dxing 101
24-Jun-13 Mike, AB0X AB0I Antennas, Ops, Retro DX and Contesting 
29-Jul-13 Jeff, AC0C W5WZ Visits K8AZ (contest station in Ohio) 
26-Aug-13 Rob, K0RU Mississippi Valley Amateur Radio Association
2013 Field Day operation 
30-Sep-13 Ron, K0BRO Boy Scout National Jamboree 
28-Oct-13 Election of officers and general discussion
25-Nov-13 Jeff, AC0C FCC RM-11780 
27-Jan-14 Jim, AC0KN
Jeff, AC0C
Jim’s Smoke N’ Solder Home Brew Projects
N0SS scoring explanation and possible strategy tips
24-Feb-14 Clay, N0WWI WWI Memorial Plans
31-Mar-14 Drew, K3PA The Evolution of DX Automation
28-Apr-14 Gary, W0MNA Homebrew or How It All Started For Me
2-Jun-14 Dragan, K0AP
Don, W0XE
W0AR record keeping spreadsheet
30-Jun-14 Russ, K0VXU Modification to the DX Pileup Contest software
28-Jul-14 Jeff, AC0C Shack Projects
29-Sep-14 Bill, K0VBU video – Nine DXpeditions to DXCC
Ten Most Wanted by Bob Allphin, K4UEE.
25-Aug-14 Lee, K0LW Remote radio operation
27-Oct-14 Rob, K0RU ARRL Centennial
24-Nov-14 Dave, W7FB Fishing for Trees
26-Jan-15 Bill, K0VBU Desecheo Dxpedition video
23-Feb-15 Eddy KY0F  Software defined radio
30-Mar-15 Don, K0IFO Antenna Optimization for Dxers
From Simple to Stacked Antennas
27-Apr-15 Jim Cessna, AC0KN Ensor Museum photo tour

Round table discussion - Dayton Hamvention

29-Jun-15 Lee, K0LW
Jeff, AC0C
HK0NA Malpelo Dxpedition video
27-Jul-15 Dave Anderson, K4SV 3Y0X Peter I DXpedition
24-Aug-15 Glenn Johnson, W0GJ K1N Navassa DXpedition 
28-Sep-15 Gary, W0MNA Arduino
26-Oct-15 Jeff, AC0C Shack Automation 
30-Nov-15 Drew, K3PA Better HF Propagation Prediction 
25-Jan-16 Dave, W7FB
Mike, W0MB
Charlie, K0THN
Human Body Resonance
Mobile Antenna Shootout
Similarities in Wave Behavior video
29-Feb-16 Don, K0IFO
Bill, K0VBU
40 m Mobile Antenna Shootout Key Points short subject
FT5ZM Amsterdam Island Dxpedition video
29-Mar-16 Ted, KC3OL Introduction to EME (Moonbounce)
2-May-16 Lee, K0LW The Peculiar Solar Farm
31-May-16 Jeff, AC0C Video showing Dayton Contest University - Skimmers and Reverse Beacons
27-Jun-16 Jeff, AC0C Field Day reports, VP8STI and VP8SGI short videos
24-Jul-16 Glenn Johnson, W0GJ K5P Palmyra with extra info about FlexRadio
29-Aug-16 Jeff, AC0C Got PS?  Using the DPS-800
28-Sep-16 Dave, W7FB NEBV Project Revisited (again)
11-Nov-16 Chuck, K0XM
28-Nov-16 Gary, W0MNA How to Build a 40M VFO Controlled QRP Transceiver
30-Jan-17 everyone Round table discussion about current activities
27-Feb-17 Ralph Crumrine, N0KC ARRL QST Cover plaque presentation and Homebrew Amp QST Dec 2015,
High Voltage Switching Power Supply QST Jan 2017
27-Mar-17 None
24-Apr-17 Russ, K0VXU EP2A Dxpedition video
6-Jun-17 Drew, K3PA Kenwood 599 Twins
Jun-17 George, K0GY WRTC 2000 Video
Jul-17 Russ, K0VXU Video of 2009 DX pedition to Desecheo K5D by K4UEE
Aug-17 Various Discussed KS QSO Party, 2017 solar eclipse, shack projects
Sep-17 Don Reed K0IFO Ultra Narrow Band Modulation
Oct-17 Bob Heil K9EID Improve Rcv Audio with Parametric Equalization
Nov-17 Drew K3PA HF Station System Engineering Part 1
Jan-18 Dave W7FB Short presentation on Bouvet propagation
Jan-18 Bill, K0VBU CW Ops
Feb-18 Drew K3PA HF Station System Engineering Part 2